Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak before the United States congress on March 3, 2015. This has created a stir in Washington D.C. as many democrats are choosing to skip that speech to stand in solidarity with the president of the United States (or not so united).

At least 15 members of congress who normally rely on the Jewish vote will not be attending Mr. Netanyahu’s speech, even the Vice-President will be a no show even though he is supposed to preside over a joint session of congress.

Florida Senator Marco RubioThis has Florida Senator Marco Rubio more than a little worked up. He contends that by members of congress choosing to miss the Netanyahu speech it endangers the future of Israel. Is he right?

Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel thinks so. He is running a full page ad in New York Times and Washington Post that is sponsored by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s organization, “This World: The Values Network.”

During a furious floor speech on Thursday, Marco Rubio asked, “What do you think the headlines will be read as in Iran, by the terrorists in Gaza, by the terrorists in Judea and Samaria, by the terrorists in all parts of the world, such as in Lebanon, who want to destroy Israel?

“What they are going to read into it, unfortunately, is that somehow Congress’s commitment to the future security of Israel is not as strong as it once was. And I fear what the implications of that will be.”

Rubio is correct in what Israel’s enemies will read into the symbolism of members of congress skipping the meeting.

President Obama and congressional democrats are sending a message to the world. They are making it clear that they would rather allow the Islamic State to grow as it has by a tripling of its territories and members than support Israel for one more moment.

With Purim approaching it is ironic that the spirit of Haman is rising again (read Ester). It is the spirit of anti-christ and it was at work in Germany not so long ago as Elie Wiesel reminds us.

“As one who has seen the enemies of the Jewish people make good on threats to exterminate us, how can I remain silent?” Wiesel asks, “Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?”

See Senator Marco Rubio’s speech below.

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