This weekend the United States lost one of it’s most conservative justices on the supreme court, Justice Antonin Scalia, and many among the political elites are trying to determine what this means for America.

Should the president appoint a new justice in an election year, Obama’s last in office? After all, democratic senates from years gone by held the position that presidents should not, but there is a bigger question to consider, does the death of Justice Scalia come at a critical time for the nation and is this a judgment from God?

I ask this because of where I believe our country has arrived. We have ignored the warnings of the Lord given over the last 3 Shemitah cycles and last fall the warnings stopped. The American age has come to an end, as I have stated before.

I am not a fan of doom and gloom preaching but the truth is evident all around us as the economy continues to decay along with our social structure and government.

The discussion over Scalia’s death, you will notice, is about upsetting the balance we have seen over the years in consistent 5 to 4 decisions. Never mind that more than half of the court holds an unconstitutional view of law and with the current crop of presidential candidates it is very unlikely that another justice like Scalia will be appointed anytime soon.

It matters very little if President Obama or the newly elected president is the one to nominate the next Supreme Court justice because it would take on average 67 days to be confirmed during a cooperative time. There are even rumors that the president may appoint a new justice by executive order but that would really create a firestorm that no one would want to endure.

These are troubling times to say the least but unless the United States starts to seek the Lord things are headed from bad to worse, I don’t say this to be a pessimist but a pragmatist. The country is in real danger because of what we have chosen as a people. Eight jurists instead of nine will decide the cases that are before the Supreme Court right now and chances are they will take the ungodly and unconstitutional path.

There is but one option for the American believer in Jesus Christ, repent and pray. The Lord made it clear to Solomon that when a nation is seeing such times it is up to those who claim to put their trust in the Lord to band together and get real about the lives they are living.

If we will repent and then humble ourselves and pray, then the Lord will hear from heaven and heal the land. This is not some gather together at a football stadium with the more popular praise band, holding hands and turning on the flashlight feature on our cell phones.

This is a good old-fashioned come to Jesus moment when we look into our very hearts and are frightened by what we find there. We seek God knowing we do not deserve his grace but ask anyway.

Look, even if we were brave enough to do that, it might still be to late for the US but it worth doing non-the less.

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