The United States Air Force has willingly capitulated to the godless and destructive Military Religious Freedom Foundation by removing a bible from the desk of an active duty Air Force major who has served his country in defense of the constitutional right to have that bible on his work desk.

Maj. Steve Lewis had kept the bible on his desk for years with highlighted portions of Philippians 4 on display. The false argument being made to take away the major’s constitutional rights is that his bible on his desk is a violation of the made up separation of church and state.

The first amendment was written to keep congress from establishing a religion not to oppress its citizens and keep their freedoms from being exercised but progressive judges and gutless bureaucrats have eroded freedoms through a thousand paper cuts from a thousand regulations that are certainly unconstitutional.

Another part of the argument being made is that the major did not actively read this particular bible but rather had it on display on his desk to intimidate non Christians but that too is a false argument as the major has every right to have his bible open to the same passage on his desk until the desk is no longer his, no one has the right to tell Maj. Lewis how to best use his bible sitting on his desk.

It plain that organizations such as the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are not interested in religious freedom at all but on the contrary are interested in enslavement and fascism.

The United States military including the United States Air Force once held religious liberty and the practice of the Christian faith a part of most members lives. When actual US history was once taught in schools every American child knew that picture of George Washington kneeling in the snow next to his horse in prayer.

They were even taught to memorize quotes from our first president and commander in chief of the armed forces, including this one, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the bible”

Yet now an officer commissioned to uphold the constitution and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic is being told that the very bible that George Washington said was needed to govern is being told that it is now a violation of that document.

The United States of America is being dismantled piece by piece and having the very ink of the Bill of Rights blotted out by evil men and women and no one in the military including the United States Air Force I once served is willing to fight for the liberty their forbearers suffered and died to secure.

Are we not willing to stand up to these tyrants, these despots and declare that our freedoms will not be trampled, our liberty will not be so easily removed. Are we going to be the generation that will not fight for the right to believe in God and His holy word? If we will not stand up to this injustice then we do not deserve the liberty we have been granted by God’s grace and providence.

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