We live in a fallen world, a world filled with injustice and cruelty, where the dream of the United States of America has all but faded. I grew up in a broken family whose story is all too familiar in today’s America.

Divorce or never marring at all is commonplace and one parent and their significant other, usually several partners away from the other parent while sharing a home with siblings from many or all of those partners.

Crime is going unpunished or barely punished and drug use is out of control like a runaway mine train headed for the abyss. Americans have become so lazy and dependent on the government that for the first time the younger generation will have a shorter life expectancy than those that came before them.

We can no longer understand the proper role of government or economics because we have allowed our children to be propagandized instead of taught in our schools and so we elect socialists and celebrities instead statesmen because their speeches sound good to our ears yet we do not understand what they offer.

We are now on tract to bring the same socialism and tyrannical leadership with the same ideology that brought the world Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung because we do not see that the socialism of Bernie Sanders is exactly the same as that of Nazi Germany.

We do these conditions exist and what is causing us to choose this path? Well, of course this is what happens when we reject the Lord but specifically we have rejected truth, justice and the American Way.

For several generations now, we have taught that there is no absolute truth, that truth cannot be known. This is a lie, because without absolute solid as a rock truth we are lost and it becomes easy to deceive people and move them away from what is good by promising that evil is good.

This leads to all sorts of chaos such as redefining marriage and even gender. It leads mourning over the lives of murderers and terrorists while ignoring the value of an unborn human life.

We trade true justice for social justice, which is not justice at all, but a way to steal, kill and destroy in the name of perceived wrongs. Justice is restoring real fairness, with the equal value of what was lost not using historic wrongs to enact socialism and fascism.

The American Way is being redefined into something that was not intended. At one time the American Way meant keeping dictatorial governments out of the way of the people to allow them work hard to earn real wealth, freedom to speak, to worship and to pursue a healthy and moral happiness that not only benefited the individual but their family and their community.

I understand that I am a pessimistic idealist who probably read too many Superman and Batman comics as a kid, and maybe enjoyed the Lone Ranger a little too much but I miss the dream of what American could be, it is not completely faded just yet, and I hope to head toward that ideal once again. I actually believe in that shinning city on a hill, but it is found in the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and the Truth found only in Him.

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