The Supreme Court of the United States, lovingly known as SCOTUS is waging its own war on women and children in its decision to prioritize death over the safety and well being of women in providing safe facilities to murder their children.

The 5 to 4 decision once again saw the defection of Judge Kennedy to the godless unconstitutional side of the court as the basic right to life of all US citizens was once again ignored by these lawless judges.

At issue was the Texas law that required abortion clinics to upgrade their facilities to allow for easier ambulance service should a woman have an life threatening emergency while she allows her once protected child to be killed.

The law also required the so called doctors who swore to do no harm to have hospital admitting privileges should the life taking equipment begin to take more than the life they intended to take.

The Texas law was intended to limit the scope of abortion in the Lone Star state but it also intended to increase safety measures for women deceived into thinking that abortion valid form of birth control but the high court determined that it made abortion too difficult for women to obtain and violated an as yet undiscovered constitutional right.

I won’t rehash abortion vs life arguments because really there are no valid arguments to be made for taking the life of a child. There is also absolutely no argument using science or any other discipline to be made as to when life begins because it plainly begins at conception.

I reread Deuteronomy 30 before writing and recording this update and the word of God is clear; we have a choice a straight forward and plain choice put before us by the Lord Himself. We have a choice of life and blessing or death and curses.

Those who choose the Lord and His Ways have chosen life and blessing for themselves and their descendants but those that choose to reject the Lord and His commandments have chosen death and a curse upon themselves and their descendants should they have them.

The United States Supreme Court has chosen death for many children they were sworn to protect and defend and misery for American women who bought the lie that death could bring them life.

The Lord gives all of us the choice of life or death and He recommends that we choose life and life more abundant and free.

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