A Virginia school district is being forced to cancel classes on Friday because of the overwhelming outrage of parents and community members raising objections to their students being given a calligraphy assignment that was actually the first tenant in Islam.

Augusta County Public Schools allowed a world geography teacher to have her class write in Arabic the phrase, “There is no god but ____ and Mohamed is the messenger of ____.”

Understandably this did not sit well with parents and some are unwilling to allow their children to return to class as long as the instructor remains. Officials with Augusta County Public Schools have said that there was no attempt to indoctrinate children, as some critics have charged and students weren’t given the translation of the calligraphy assignment, which was in Arabic.

These school officials are being disingenuous, it matters little that students did not understand what they were copying because writing a statement of faith is pretty important whether you understand it or not.

This is a form of indoctrination because when a person has to focus their attention deeply on copying an image they become intimately familiar with that image and it is etched into the brain so that when it is seen again it is almost a comfort and not so easily rejected.

The school did not choose Hebrew which is a very elegant and beautiful type of calligraphy as well because it is a word picture language and they certainly would not have students copying the first commandment that you shall have no other gods before me.

Parents have a fundamental responsibility to monitor what their children are being taught and this Virginia school system was caught doing something they really should not of been doing and they should be concerned about the great number of parents getting involved.

We need more American parents and members of the community who may not even have children in school making their voices heard that we will not allow our schools to fall to Islam.

Maybe, just maybe more Christians will pay attention to what the children are being taught and get elected to school boards and move into positions of authority and influence to change the direction of America’s schools.

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