The primaries are over in Iowa and New Hampshire and in the case of New Hampshire Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have won but the process is far from over, in fact the game is afoot to quote a certain fictional detective.

Just as we gained hope in Iowa with the win from Ted Cruz and the magical coins of Hillary Clinton we can learn something from the wins of Sanders and Trump.

The New Hampshire state motto is “Live Free or Die” and that is not an action movie but real choice for Americans. Bernie Sanders is a real live socialist and very few of the people who voted for him know what that means and I doubt that they even care to know.

On the other hand we have Donald Trump who is not really a conservative but a self serving hypocrite who will say anything to get elected but again those who vote for him do not understand what the man truly stands for nor do they care, they like the tough talk.

I don’t say these things to judge or put down these men, on the contrary both men are unapologetic in their person and their views but we should be careful what we ask for in a leader because neither of them are the modern George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

Most of the individuals running for the presidency in 2016 would have been arrested or run out of town on rail for the personal and professional lives they have lived and the views they hold. Most are not suitable to lead the country because they do not fit the traditional mold of a US president.

The Christian worldview America has had in the past determined what type of man would hold the office of president and while not perfect we sought to use the formula Jesus gave us. He who would lead should serve and the first should be last.

In the early years of the Union, a man would not nominate himself but wait for others to do so. Former presidents at least would pretend to be selfless and put the needs of the country before themselves. What we now face is the last great American election, when we decide what kind of a country we will become.

We have been at crossroads like these before and hopefully there will be others but now is the time to choose if the selfishness and self serving thinking of Sanders and Trump is the future of the United States of America or if we can choose a president who served the people with honesty and integrity.

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