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Racist colleges are destroying education in America.

We thought we had dealt with racism. But apparently we are allowing ourselves to devolve into a racist society particularly on our college campuses. We saw it a few years ago in Missouri and now we’re seeing it happening. Well several times in Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington.

Which had descended into chaos not too long ago when minority students demanded that whites leave the campus for a quote day of absence. Well they got upset because a white biology professor, Brett Weinstein, spoke out against the campus event. Which was coercing white students and faculty to leave the campus.

Well, he refused to participate in the so-called day of absence leading to protesters taking faculty members hostage and even barricading themselves inside of buildings. And. Now we have these students roaming the campus with bats and they’re pulling over cars and asking about the occupants of those cars demanding information.

And while on Sunday there was a letter sent to the students of Evergreen College insisting that they immediately cease carrying bats on campus. They actually made excuses, and almost called it reasonable behavior according to the letter that said quote We acknowledge and understand the fear and concerns that are motivating these actions. We also understand that these students are seeking to provide an alternative source of safety from external entities as well as those community members who they distrust.

This is from the memo. Now the students ignored the memo and they were seen with bats the very next day. Instead of disciplining the students carrying bats.

Well the college just actually thanked the protesters and gave in to a multitude of their demands. I mean we’re talking insanity on the part of the administration at this college. They didn’t send in the campus police or outside law enforcement to come in and arrest people carrying bats and threatening other people.

No they kowtow’d to the whole thing. And they are fostering a college campus of racists. Now you may say “Oh, Pastor, racist can only be white they can’t be any other race. Well no that’s not true.

Look human beings are basically selfish because of sin. Don’t believe me. Well look at any baby when they’re born they’re beautiful sure and they warm our hearts when to look at them. God did that so we wouldn’t do anything bad to them hopefully. But the fact is that babies are selfish from the very beginning. All they the reason they cry is for food or because they need to be changed or they don’t like their temperature or they just want a pacifier or they want something.

They are very self-centered and human beings without Jesus continue to be very self-centered. Now granted depending on their upbringing there might be a different attitude but ultimately we’re all selfish. And you see this show up in various ways and one of the ways it shows up, is in racism.

Racism is something where we put ourselves first. I mean think about it. You think you’re the best.


I hope.

I mean if you have decent self-esteem you’re going to think that you know you’re a pretty good person right. And then of course your family is probably a better family than most. You know it’s got its problems but most of us are going to believe that our families are pretty cool and you know just like we like our football teams or baseball teams and our team is the best because well they’re our team whatever that team might be. Well the same thing’s true with our communities I mean our school is better than your school. We all know that right.

And well we put ourselves first and this shows up in racism because well the race that I’m a part of is obviously better than every other race.

I’ve traveled around the world, and living in Japan, I saw this in Japan as well. There would be signs written in English that would say Nippon only at a store for clothing or a restaurant or a nightclub.

They did not want outsiders in that particular establishment. So it would say Nippon only which is their term for Japanese. Japanese only.

Well, you’re going to see racism wherever you have a majority race in place. And so we always want to put our needs before the needs of others. That is the way of the flesh.

But there is a way that God expects us to behave when we are believers in Jesus Christ. It is the exact opposite where we put the needs of others before ourselves. And here’s the problem.

Because of sin and the fact that most of these campuses are run by godless individuals with Christians sprinkled here and there. We see a rejection of biblical principles including the idea of treat others the way you want to be treated. Put the needs of others before the needs of yourself.

We’re going to see more and more of that. And one of the ways it expresses itself is I don’t like you I think you’ve done unfair things to me. And even though you’re not related in any way to the people that did bad things to people that are far removed from me. So. Now you’re not welcome here.

The only way this is going to stop. Is if we get involved if we make it clear this is not acceptable behavior for our college campuses. But this has been happening in more and more universities more and more colleges. They allow this kind of behavior and it destroys the college campuses.

Look at Missoula, Missouri in 2015 when they had their racist eruption. It created such a disturbance to the campus that now they’ve had to close four of their dormitories their alumni giving is at an all time low. The fact is that nobody wants to support that college.

Same thing is going to happen in Olympia, Washington and it’ll happen in other places as these kinds of things continue to happen.

We need to remember God did not create races. He created humans he created only Adam and Eve. And yes, we see various physical features passed on from father to son mother to daughter and vice versa.

We see skin tones and nose and ears sizes and shapes of eyes and faces and within certain races you’re going to see a dominance of certain features.

Yeah. That definitely happens.

You know it happens in families so therefore it happens in what we call races but God only created two human beings. That’s it. God did not create the way that we divide humans.

That was a manmade thing. So the division. Comes from within us.

It is only natural because of sin in the world. We need to reject this we need to say that all people have value. That’s why Abortion continues to be prevalent in our universities. That’s why hatred develops so easily.

It’s because the devil comes to divide us. I mean it’s in his art of war right divide and conquer. He comes to steal kill and destroy. But we need to seek first the Kingdom of God in His righteousness putting the needs of others before the needs of ourselves.

That’s the only way we’re going to see this stuff slow down, dissipate and move on.

I’m pastor Paul Holt with the Bible factor update and you can find me at the Bible factor dot com


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