24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward were murdered on live morning television Wednesday morning in Moneta, Virginia.

I never want to give the names of the murderers because it is not right to glorify them. The homosexual black man gave his race and sexual orientation as his reasons for committing the murders and injuring a third person before taking his own life.

Alison Parker being shotHe posted video of the killings on social media and sent a 23-page suicide note to an ABC news affiliate. He had stated that his reason for the heinous crime was the racism of another shooting at a Charleston church in June and that people were mistreating him for his homosexuality.

The truth, however, is not so politically correct. Sin has a way or worming itself into some people’s minds. Not all sin and not all people are affected this way, but for some who dwell on certain thoughts again and again and blame others for their condition the result is deadly.

We have not learned if this man used drugs or was being treated for his mental condition but we know the destructive nature of sin. There are people who hate others for a variety of reasons, but in recent years these hatreds have been isolated and magnified in to excuses for bad behavior, evil behavior.

Racism still exists in the hearts of some people of all races; this should not be used to in turn create more racism and destruction. The heart of man is desperately wicked, if not challenged by the light of God’s grace and love it will lead to acts of great depravity.

That is why we see evil committed by men and women of all races and sin preferences, because the wages of sin is death.


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