Prayer shaming, it is a new tactic being employed by godless liberal progressives to drive Christians from the public square. Following the massacre in San Bernardino, California as much of the nation was calling for prayers of safety and comfort, progressives were focusing on their agenda to further limit freedoms and attack the Godly call to love others though prayer.

The truth is that it is the godless liberal that should be ashamed for advocating the very restrictions that directly caused the deaths of 14 people in California. It was because the progressives have had their way in California in regard to gun control that such tragedies happen in the first place.

California has some of the most unconstitutional restrictions on firearms in the nation. They have also squashed freedom of religion and speech and embraced the culture of death.

This hollowing out of California’s moral center has opened the door to the violence of Islam as California can no longer defend itself from a faith that opposed God. It is directly the fault of progressive ideology and the agenda of the godless that America is defenseless spiritually and physically, that we have been disarmed and left naked to the attacks from outside and within.

Christians should not be ashamed of praying to the one true God of the bible, He is the source of liberty and comfort and there is nothing more selfless than stopping what you do to lift up others.
The godless believe that more laws and regulations will solve the problems of gun violence but the fact is that murder is already illegal and so is using a firearm to kill someone.

I may or may not own a gun myself, but that is my business not the government’s business. Progressives mistakenly conflate government with God and desire to give the elitist life long government leaders and employees absolute power as if they are capable of righteous perfection, they long for Soviet Russia and it’s abject poverty and loss of liberty.
They abhor individual liberty and freedom, which is why even before the bodies of gun violence victims have grown cold they renew their calls to further restrict the ability of people to protect them from the next madman or madwoman with or without a burka.

The Senator that denounced prayer in favor of greater gun control will need to recognize that taking our constitutional freedoms will lead to more death if he too does not desire to bend the knee to whoever has the weapons.
Progressives are not strong on wisdom; in fact most have lost the capacity for logic and critical thinking, which is why their policies lead to economic ruin and societal collapse. This is a biblical principle that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, it stands to reason that if one is godless he or she lacks the wisdom to understand even the fundamentals of governance or why the principles of freedom are important.

Believers must stand together in these dark times because they will continue to get worse as the godless become bold once again. They will chastise and denigrate those who practice their faith openly and demand we hide our faith and our prayers so as not to offend them. We cannot allow this to continue. It is the opponents of liberty and faith who should be ashamed of their call to increase the body counts of mass shootings.

There is a fine line we must walk between boldly declaring the truth in love and opposing the evil of our time, now is not the time to be silent.

I am not a big fan of having all sorts of guns nor am I a shill for the NRA, firearm politics are not usually my first priority but liberty and the freedom to defend oneself is very important to me.

This story has played out many times in history. The enemy knows that if he is to get the world to submit to him he must remove the ability of nations to resist absolute government control. He must remove the liberty granted to us by our Creator of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The first commandment of God informs us that He is the Lord our God who sets us free, while it is the goal of the enemy to enslave humanity.

Progressives should be ashamed of their agenda to enslave Americans as they have already done in many of the strongholds they control. People cannot defend themselves from evil in California, Chicago, Washington DC and elsewhere. It is in these places that they have had their way that many people die from gun violence and it is always in gun free zones that these massacres take place. Yet, they call for more regulations and restrictions on the ability to defend yourself.
They must be insane as the definition is to do the same thing over again and to expect a different result.

Christians will continue to pray without shame and we will pray too that progressives see the light and recognize that they are blind and naked in need of what the Lord can provide.

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