States rights are important as each state should be allowed a certain amount of sovereignty as outlined in the constitution, but there are times when the states must be united when it comes to certain fights, like the fight against illegal drugs.

At the national level it was long ago decided and passed into law that certain drugs where dangerous enough to prohibit and that state and federal law enforcement should work together to limit the sale and possession of these drugs.

However, in recent years there have been some states that have decided to break with the union on the matter of the recreational use of marijuana even if choosing to do so violates federal law and makes law enforcement difficult at best if not down right impossible for their neighboring states.

States such as Colorado and Washington have not gone to the trouble of working to change the federal law, but instead ignoring the law. Now, you would think this would cause a stir with the federal government and cause the Obama administration to take these states to court like when the Border States tried to stop the flood illegal aliens, but you would be wrong.

In fact, unlike the border battle, the federal government has been openly discouraging the United States Supreme Court from taking on the complaints of Nebraska and Utah that Colorado is violating federal law and placing an undue burden on those states law enforcement with the increased drug trafficking and possession.

The feds got their wish as the SCOTUS has decided not to take up the case. This will allow the affected states the opportunity to watch the breakdown of law and order until the states take on a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mindset.

I have talked on this issue many times and have not been surprised by the court’s decision as it is in line with a godless way of thinking. The court has become utterly lawless and unable to uphold national law or the constitution.

Mind altering drugs are a tool of the enemy to destroy the human race. Such drugs are used to drain the life and industry of men and women as well as open the door to other sins and even demonic possession, by failing to uphold the law the court has violated its charge to defend the constitution and the people of the United States.

Of course, the same is true of the Obama administration and the rest of the federal government. Lawlessness is the greatest enemy of liberty and justice not to mention civilization itself and yet much of the government at every level engages in it.

Lawlessness is a part of the fabric of the last days and the character of the anti-Christ himself but don’t worry most people will be too stoned to know when that day has arrived.

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