Just in time for Halloween, the United States Department of Energy has declared the humble pumpkin an unfit and immoral squash because it contributes to climate change, what was formerly known as global warming until it quit, well, warming.

It turns out that because of Halloween and my wife’s love of pumpkin spice coffee creamer, the US discards 1.3 billion pounds of the orange stuff into the nation’s landfills and this is producing that evil, but natural “greenhouse” gas methane.

As you may know, methane is not a socially acceptable gas as it is the smelly part of mammal flatulence and rotting veggies, oh and the climate change people blame it for climate change, because after all who would defend a cow’s right to pass wind?

The thing to remember about climate change is not that it is science, nobody believes there is any actual science going on here. No, the thing to remember is that climate change is another excuse for controlling the actions of others, and taking their money.

Most of the people pushing for world wide power over nations do not believe in God, they do not believe the biblical truths that the Lord created everything and that He also sustains everything. That would mean that they are accountable to Him as well and that will not do.

No, the fools who believe in climate change actually hold that man can change the climate with the help of rotting pumpkins and belching bovines. They also believe that if they can control the actions of people they can save the planet.

The truth is that the bible does support man made global warming, but the Great Pumpkin does not cause it. Good grief!

The bible informs us the earth will melt with a fervent heat because of the sin of mankind and the refusal to recognize the Lord as Creator and Lord.

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