Over the Christmas weekend New Mexico and the western states saw a Goliath snowstorm that closed roads and generally shut down travel and daily activities with some areas getting more than a foot of snow.

But when that same storm hit the Dallas, Texas area Goliath turned deadly with tornadoes having wind speeds from 120mph to 180mph killing 11 as I record this and destroying hundreds of homes in several counties. As the storm continues east many fear what is yet to come.

When storms of this size hit it is natural to ask why and where is God in all of this, is He angry and what can be done to stop such events.

These are natural questions to ask and without a biblical worldview we can become angry and confused.

The bible lays out that we live in a fallen world that was broken by sin as a result of the choice made in the Garden of Eden. We are told that the creation is made to suffer and groans as a result, this groaning is made manifest in earthquakes, storms and other natural events, but where is God?

He is the One forcing creation to suffer under it’s fallen state until all who choose God have been allowed to choose.

But there is more to the story, a lot more. Individuals are given a choice but so too nations are given a choice and this choice brings with it a consequence. According to Deuteronomy, weather patterns such as rain and violent storms are a result of a nation choosing God or rejecting God.

We should also note that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike and so too the tornado.

The bottom line is that creation is broken and will not be fixed until the Lord has His Day, this means that we will continue to see bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people until the Lord comes.

When you hear that such and such happened because of the wrath or judgment of God, it may be right but it is also right that this world is sinking and Jesus is the only lifeboat.

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