Venezuela is short on food to the point that 73% of the average person’s monthly wage is spent on food should they be able to get their hands on some and most do not eat daily and often meat is a luxury not seen for weeks.

These are the ravages of the “democratic” socialism promoted by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and even President Barak Obama that always result in food rationing followed by food shortages.

This is always the way of godless government using the evil thinking of Karl Marx. I recall that in college I knew a man that had escape East Berlin. He told of the food shortages, especially bread and how his family had to wait for hours to receive a crusty, sometimes moldy bit of bread that did not feed the entire family.

He then recalled with great joy the first time he saw a bread store after his family escaped to West Berlin and the wonder of a bread store run without state control, he marveled at the volume of bread and the incredible variety to be found.

Venezuela has been borrowing massive amounts of money to prop up its currency, that is often a part of socialism and it is not able to depend on oil income because of the low price per barrel, and the authoritarianism form of government creates fear enough to keep its leaders in power allowing food trucks that are already too few and far between, going to the friends of President Maduro instead of the general population.

Godless Marxism in its various forms will always lead to authoritarian dictatorships that attempt to control all areas of the lives of its citizens to maintain control, these are the conditions needed for the rise of the anti-Christ.

First, the spirit of anti-Christ must be fostered by the removal and or limitation of the true Gospel because He who restrains must be removed. Second, a centralized government with one person at the head must be established. Finally, poverty must be the reality of the majority of the people’s lives so that the dictator is the source of the daily bread.

We see this pattern again and again around the world and the people have their hearts prepared to accept a central authority just as described in the book of Revelation.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse prepare the earth for the arrival of the anti-Christ and the people that make up the beast. We should take notice that a day’s wage will buy a day’s food if you are able to buy it.

In Venezuela, you need your personal number or your virtual rations card in order to buy or sell the food you need, sound familiar?

What is truly sad is how quickly this change occurred. Twenty somethings are now recalling the day when they were able to throw eggs without concern and now they wish they could have those eggs back to get some protein.

This is a warning to America and the rest of the world that we are heading toward enslavement when we reject God in order to take the wealth of others, that selfishness will destroy us and it is part of the pattern found in Revelation 9, but will we head this warning or ignore it along with the rest?

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