Jetblue and Delta airlines are among a handful of carriers actively testing the possibility of using biometrics (fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition) to replace the boarding pass and hopefully make the flying experience better.

Jetblue is trying it out in Boston, while Delta is in Washington D.C., both are working with with U.S. Customs and Border Protection but are using different methods. Jetblue will be using a special camera for facial recognition while Delta is going to use fingerprints.

The use of biometrics for identification is a two edged sword. The technology, when perfected, will certainly increase security and accuracy in matching a person to national database records but it also normalizes using our bodies for identification.

As we become accustom to scanning our fingers, eyes and faces for boarding planes or paying for goods and services, it is much easier to standardize that process so that everyone is using the same thing but maybe something more complex is needed and it becomes government mandated.

Believers in Jesus Christ should always be wary of centralized identification systems that can be used to control commerce because even though such systems can bring security and maybe even safety, they also bring control. Specifically the control over buying and selling.

If you don’t have the right “mark” then you may not be able to buy or sell without it.

Just saying.

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